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the Spokes

Spokes of the Wagon Wheel – the Projects

Although the Waste-Not Wagon will always be a project in progress, as we continue to share ideas and resources with other folks, the Wagoneers hope to participate in and demonstrate:

Roof-top Gardening

Organic vegetable production through space-intensive cultivation.  Something to eat and to share.  Herbs – medicinalComposting and vermicompost.  Window planters.  Mushroom cultivation.

Appropriate/Alternative Technologies

Pedal powerRainwater catchment. Well drilling.  Solar cookerGreywater systemsComposting toilets and urine diversion (as fertilizers).  Biogas generatorSolar hot water heater.  Bikes.  Wind power.  Kombucha brewing.

Community Organizing and Collaboration

Brainstorming.  Inspiring and learning from similar projects.  Networking.  Relying on and loving neighbors.  Pooling resourcesSkillsharesStorytelling and story-sharing. Cooperative formation.  Anti-profit collectives.

Waste Vegetable Oil

Demonstration.  Waste reclamation.  Utilization of free resources.

Resource Library

Be a resource for garden and Appropriate Technology consultation.  Handing out literature.  Networking with and for other organizations.

Waste Reclamation/Reduction

Dumpster diving.  Waste Vegetable Oil.  Water usage – greywater.  Reduce and reuse.  Economy of sharing.

Music and General Creativity

Inviting folks to play music with us.  Storytelling and story-sharing.  Parades.  Concerts.  Bike RalliesGuerrilla theater.

Faith Dialogue

Understanding Christ and Kingdom as central to our mission.  Re-envisioning the Kingdom on earth.  Learning from other faiths – their connection to environmental stewardship and neighbor love.  Sharing God’s love, using words if necessary.

And Potentially, Livestock

Chickens and/or goats and/or rabbits.  Small-scale livestock production.  Meat consumption in relation to resource allocation and waste.

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  1. July 26, 2009 8:05 pm

    This is all very exciting! I can’t wait to learn more once we arrive in Waco. (And the fact that solar power, library, music and chickens – four of my favorite things – and Christ – my numero uno – are mentioned on one page automatically makes you guys awesome in my book.)


  1. building beds. and building community. « Waste-Not Wagon

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